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Triomph triple was developed on the occasion of our triple-double lustrum. This SNAB translation of a modern triple, using traditional ingredients and dry-hopping, guarantees to stimulate all the senses. A crown on the 30th anniversary of SNAB!

Okshoofd Peated

Okshoofd refers to the Scottish measure of capacity; ‘hogshead'. A wooden barrel so large that an oxhead would fit in it. The bogs are specific areas in Scotland and are also called ‘Peatlands'. 'Wow, this scotch is peaty!'


Source of inspiration for this beer is the Nova Zembla travelogue "To the North" by Gerrit de Veer in 1597. The report describes how the ship's crew to their surprise discovered that deep in a frozen keg liquid was left, which tasted great. All the power of the beer had been concentrated in that little bit liquid beer. SNAB has succeeded with its "IJSBOK" to mimic this process. A very special beer has become available for beerlovers.


A quarter of a century SNAB BEERBREWERS. We celebrate this with a tribute to Scotch Ale, also known as Wee Heavy. The name Okshoofd refers to the Scottish measure of capacity Hogshead, a wooden barrel big enough to fit the head of an ox. One Hogshead contained 54 gallons, the equivalent of 249,53 liters.

Otter S.B.

Otter Strong Bitter is a traditional English Strong Bitter brewed with only traditional commodities. Maris Otter pale ale malt from Warminster Maltings, a floor malting in Whiltshire, is known as the best pale ale malt available. Challenger and Worcester Goldings hops provide a balanced bitterness and the yeast the real British character. SNAB offers with Otter S.B. a tastefull beer with a characterfull balance between malt and hops.

Czaar Peter

Russian Imperial Stout was originally brewed in England during the 18th century. Given the frosty sea transport a beer was brewed with high alcohol content. The origin of our Russian Imperial Stout is located in Zaandam. For this we go back to the year 1697. It is in this year that Tsar Peter I in Zaandam lived and worked as a carpenter. To emphasize the Russian-Dutch relationship, we enriched the beer with 'Zaanse Cocoa'. The introduction of this beer took place at the Russian embassy in the Hague, the Netherlands.

Snab Pale Ale

SNAB Pale Ale more than meets our goals and is truly our best by drinking beer so far. At the introduction our American Pale Ale was the first brewed in Europe and is inspired by the aromatic and hoppy beers from the West Coast. Dry-hopping is applied to the already pronounced hop character to further refine and stress. SPA is rich in smell and taste is pronounced and thirst-quenching. Only American hops and yeast. The Cascade hops from the Yakima Valley in Washington, amarillo hop and yeast from Oregon.


SNAB finds inspiration for Maelstrøm in the Barley Wines of the USA west coast. Brewed to celebrate 10 years SNAB and become a classic itself. Malty and alcoholwarming while yeast from Oregon and hops from the Yakima Valley in Washington provide a lively citrus-fruity character, further emphasized by the use of dry-hopping. Discover and enjoy the strong, intense and complex palette of Maelstrøm: 'The Big Sipper' under the SNAB beers.

Koning Honing

Koning Honing distinguishes itself from other honey beers by the application of the special Sicilian orange blossom and Canadian clover honey. The honey is added into the brew after the main fermentation to fully refect its taste. Canadian clover honey has an incredibly full and rich butter, vanilla aroma and taste. Contrary to the general expectation, Koning Honing is not extreemly sweet, sticky or heavy. Do you fancy a beer with more character and flavor than a blond but are triples too tough, take something special: take a Koning Honing, the King of honey beers!

Honing 0.2

For Koning Honing 0.2, SNAB uses the exotic Sicilian orange blossom and creamy Canadian clover honey. A specially selected yeast was used for the preparation, which hardly makes alcohol in the Koning Honing brew (0.2% max), creating an alcohol-free version of Koning Honing.


1410 is distinguished by a very nice balance between fruitiness and hop bitterness combined with a modest alcohol content. 1410 is a unique character and specialty of which the pleasant hop bitterness guarantees a potabled beer for all 4 seasons in the Purmerend jubilee year 2010. 1410, the name of this Purmerend specialty has been derived from the following historical description: Waterland in 1410 was owned by Count William VI. His treasurer William Eggert had to restore order and got in 1410 the glory in 1410 in Purmerend n. Within three years he built Purmer Steijn lock in a strategic position, where the road between Amsterdam and Hoorn 'the Where' crosses. William Eggert died in 1417.


Ezelenbok is a robust and strongly hopped Bockbier. The primal-Bock is the origin of this beer. Lovers of the German Einbecker Ur-Bock found closer to home a similar tasting fermented bock, with secondary fermentation in bottle and keg. Ezelenbok also serves as the basis for SNAB IJsbok. Through a freezing process is Ezelenbok alcohol percentage increased from 7.5% to 9% to obtain the IJsbok.


This Smoked Porter is brewed to celebrate the 'two double anniversary' of SNAB. Brown Porter, our first beer, symbolizes SNAB for two decades. With Roock we tribute to this classic style with a XX version. Since 1820 known as Extra Stout Porter for the stronger version of it. SNAB has been inspired by the American beer scene and smokebeers for a long time now. In our Smoked Extra Stout Porter this love comes together. By using smoked barley, USA hops and yeast a distinctive combination is created which will give a complex beer with a pleasant smoky flavor.


Speculator is distinguished by a balanced yet complex spice character with the alcohol not dominating the taste. During the brewing a 'bouquet' of various herbs and spices is added and this gives the beer its unique taste. Although the name suggests in the Netherlands a typical December beer, it is an all season one, which we however continue to produce limited. For lovers of spicy beers, this 'liquid gingerbread' is an absolute must and gives you a true taste sensation.


Source of inspiration for this beer is the Nova Zembla travelogue "To the North" by Gerrit de Veer in 1597. The report describes how the ship's crew to their surprise discovered that deep in a frozen keg liquid was left, which tasted great. All the power of the beer had been concentrated in that little bit liquid beer. SNAB has succeeded with its "IJSBOK" to mimic this process. IJsbok Hout (Wood) brings Nova Zembla even more closely. Lagering with American Oak creates a light roasted character and subtle presence of caramel and vanilla.


Collaboration Brew

Two craft brewers from the county of Noord-Holland, Jopen and SNAB, work together to brew a beer that until now is not been brewed by another Dutch brewer. Imperial Pumpkin Ale, originally an American beer style. The beer is brewed with pumpkin meat and lots of spices. For the malt bill is chosen for light malts in order to properly reflect the original color of the pumpkin. And smoked malt: it's a fascinating combination with pumpkin. The organic pumpkin flesh is added during the mashing process. The balanced choice of nine spices and Chili pepper flakes gives Mashing Pumpkins the spicy notes.

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