Okshoofd Peated

Okshoofd refers to the Scottish measure of capacity; ‘hogshead'. A wooden barrel so large that an oxhead would fit in it. The bogs are specific areas in Scotland and are also called ‘Peatlands'. 'Wow, this scotch is peaty!'
  • Ingrediënten: Water, Maris Otter Pale Ale, Cara Amber-, Red Chrystal-, Münchener-, Dark Chrystal- en Roast Special III mout, peated mout, East Kent Goldings hop en bovengist. Contains gluten.
  • Aroma fragrance: Malt caramel, sweet.
  • Main links: Sweet, bitter.
  • Aftertaste: Sticky, alcohol warming.
  • Fermentation: Top fermentation, not pasteurized and secondary fermentation in the bottle.
  • Alc. 9,7 % Vol. / Extract: 22.87° Plato
  • Color: ~83 EBC. / Bitterness: ~40 EBU.
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