Source of inspiration for this beer is the Nova Zembla travelogue "To the North" by Gerrit de Veer in 1597. The report describes how the ship's crew to their surprise discovered that deep in a frozen keg liquid was left, which tasted great. All the power of the beer had been concentrated in that little bit liquid beer. SNAB has succeeded with its "IJSBOK" to mimic this process. A very special beer has become available for beerlovers.
  • Commodities: Water-, Pils-, Munich-, Crystal- and Chocolate Malt, Hersbrucker Hallertau hops and yeast.
  • Aroma fragrance: Malt caramel, fruity.
  • Main links: Malt, caramel, bitter.
  • Mouth Feeling: Very full, alcohol warming.
  • Aftertaste: Bitter, caramel stuck that long.
  • Fermentation: Top fermentation, not pasteurized and secondary fermentation in the bottle.
  • Alc. 9,0 % Vol. / Extract: 16,9° Plato
  • Color: ~100 EBC. / Bitterness: ~32 EBU.
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